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What Do You Have To Do To Be A Certified Pharmacy Tech

However, as a guide, you might be expected to have the equivalent of four GCSEs at Grade C and above, including mathematics, English language, science and one other subject. You will also need to be working in a pharmacy under the supervision of a pharmacist or pharmacy technician* as per our criteria for registration as a pharmacy technician in Great Britain - January 2021. Pharmacy Technician Certification (CPhT) with the National Healthcareer Association requires the completion of a training program in addition to a high school degree or equivalent. However, a workaround is that you could have one year of work experience act as the equivalent to training. The ExCPT exam currently costs $117.

This process usually requires paying an application fee of $25 – $150, submitting to a background check, providing proof of identity, and proof of high school or equivalent education. In most cases, the person can begin.

What Do You Have To Do To Be A Certified Pharmacy Tech - Discount Place

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